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ACCT Announces Winners of Academy Special Awards

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television is pleased to announce its Board of Directors’ Academy Special Awards for the first ever 2013 Canadian Screen Awards. These awards are given to remarkable people and productions that have made their mark in the film, television and digital media industries.

“Our industry is filled with remarkably talented people whose contributions to our country must be recognized,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz. “The Board takes great pride in being able to honour and celebrate their achievements through these Academy Special Awards. I am particularly gratified this year that the Academy Board has chosen to recognize the contributions of some of our members that have truly been game-changing for the industry,” says Katz.

Here is a list of the Canadian Screen Awards’ first ever Academy Special Award winners:

(In alphabetical order by award)

Academy Achievement Award—For Exceptional Contributions to the Canadian Television Industry


“Jeanne Beker’s pioneering role in changing the way we watch television is honoured by the Board through the Academy Special Award this year. From the early days of TheNewMusic to the founding of Fashion Television and FashionTelevisionChannel as well as @Fashion on-line, Jeanne is recognizable around Canada and the world as a consistent innovator of lifestyle programming,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Academy Board of Directors Tribute—For Outstanding and Enduring Contributions to Canadian Television


“Flashpoint is well-recognized by Canadians as one of this country’s most-watched television dramas. Those of us within the industry know, however, that it is also a leading light of international co-production financing which has brought together partners from Canada, the US and around the world. With Flashpoint, Anne-Marie LaTraverse and Bill Mustos have moved the goalposts in creating a highly entertaining series at home that is a huge export success as well,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Academy Special Award – For Exceptional Achievement in Canadian Film & Television


“As co-founder, President and CEO of Astral Media, Ian Greenberg’s contribution to the Canadian media landscape cannot be overstated and the Board felt strongly it was time to recognize Ian with this year’s Special Award for Film & Television,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Academy Special Film Award – For Exceptional Achievement in Filmmaking or Service to the Film Industry


“Victor Loewy has pioneered independent film distribution for over three decades through Vivafilm and Alliance and their operations across Canada and internationally as well,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Digital Media Trail Blazing Award—For an Outstanding Achievement in Canadian Digital Media sponsored by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)


“Andra Sheffer deserves recognition by the Academy this year based on her lifelong dedication to our industry, which included a decade as founding Executive Director of the Academy, but also more recently as the Executive Director of three important private funds dedicated to support of film, television and digital media in Canada. It’s not an overstatement to say her influence has touched all of us who work in this industry,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism (posthumously)—To Honour Exceptional Contributions in Canadian Television Journalism

The Honourable LAURIER LAPIERRE O.C., Ph. D

“Laurier LaPierre’s role in broadcast journalism changed the way news stories are treated in television, first in Canada, and then throughout the world. While sadly we lost him just a few months ago, his legacy lives on, and the Board was intent on recognizing that, especially for his pioneering work in the creation of the breakthrough news magazine series This Hour Has Seven Days,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Margaret Collier Award—For a Writer’s Exceptional Contribution to Canadian Television


“Heather Conkie has been a major writing force in this country from the early days of the massively successful Road to Avonlea series and most recently leading the writing room on six seasons of the hit show for Heartland,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.

Outstanding Technical Achievement Award—For Recent Canadian Technical Achievements

IMAX Corporation for its suite of entertainment technologies

“IMAX Corporation’s suite of entertainment technologies are game-changing advances through which the Canadian-based company has had a profound impact on the movie-going experience for audiences around the world. As we have also seen this year, IMAX has also had a tremendous influence on the bottom-line fundamentals of the theatrical film business globally,” says Academy Chair Martin Katz.