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APTN’s Licence Renewal to CRTC

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network has submitted an application to renew its licence to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. The CRTC governs the conditions and terms by which APTN operates to provide programming to the Canadian audience. The licence renewal process is open to the public and everyone is invited to participate by submitting letters to the commission.

Since 2005, APTN has received a nominal fee of 25 cents per Canadian subscriber through monthly subscription fees. This has fueled a nationwide network of Aboriginal producers, writers, directors, actors, broadcast professionals and Aboriginal news teams in every province and territory. Despite inflation and increasing costs of production and technology, APTN has continued to deliver countless programs and content that is by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples over the past seven years on this fixed revenue.

APTN is requesting a 15 cent increase wholesale fee for the next term, so as to continue their service to Aboriginal audiences, sustain a strong and talented Aboriginal production industry and grow opportunities to better serve the needs of Aboriginal communities through a comprehensive strategic plan.

This is the second licence renewal in APTN’s 13 year history of serving the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, and all Canadians, as the world’s first national Aboriginal broadcaster.

As the world’s first national Aboriginal broadcaster, APTN is the only network by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. APTN has outlined the following key strategies within its licence renewal application:

– As a priority, engage and serve the growing, younger Aboriginal population in Canada by reaching out to them with multi-platform, relevant and popular programming that speaks directly to their needs. This includes, but is not limited to Aboriginal language programming as a component for language education and viability.

– Solidify APTN’s position as a national network in a highly competitive environment through the enhancement of APTN National News and Current Affairs programming and infrastructure so as to increase the accessibility and local/regional content available from this unique Aboriginal perspective.

– APTN programming will be an example of leadership in the development and production of high-quality Aboriginal programming in all genres and across multiple platforms. One approach, amongst many, is to commission new and original Aboriginal programming with larger production budgets to enable better production values and the clearance of rights on all platforms. APTN will focus on creating an engaging, innovative and multi-platform experience within all categories of programs.

– Position APTN for a multi-platform future by pursuing an aggressive rich media content strategy on all platforms in all categories of programs. In addition, this strategy will provide a new digital presence,, a dynamic and constantly refreshed platform to communicate relevant content and foster creativity and expression amongst Aboriginal youth.