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bravoFACT Funded Shorts to Screen at TIFF

Bell Media congratulates the nine bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) funded short films selected to screen during the 38th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), September 5 to 15. Among this group, Wakening, directed by Danis Goulet and written by Tony Elliott, has landed an unprecedented debut slot, screening just before the highly-anticipated TIFF 2013 opening film, The Fifth Estate, at The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre. Wakening is the first independently produced short film ever to launch TIFF’s public opening night gala.

“Congratulations to Danis, Tony, and all of the bravoFACT-funded filmmakers whose films have been selected to screen during one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “The nine films join an esteemed group of more than 80 bravoFACT-funded shorts that have screened at TIFF since 1998, and are a testament to the depth of creativity and talent in the Canadian production community.”

 Six of the nine shorts, including Wakening, are part of Stage to Screen, a commemorative project created by The Ontario Heritage Trust and producer Glen Wood of ViDDYWELL FiLMS, marking the 100th anniversary of Toronto landmark The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre. Emerging filmmakers were invited from the Canadian Film Centre, National Screen Institute, TIFF Talent Lab, and bravoFACT to scout every nook and cranny of the theatre and then present a concept for their short film. The selected six films are unique and visually stunning, taking advantage of the venue’s exceptional historic architecture and ambiance. The Stage to Screen shorts are each promoted with a thirty-second teaser at all The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre TIFF screenings, directing patrons to view the shorts in full on

 The remaining three bravoFACT-funded films are screening as part of the festival’s Short Cuts Canada program, and tell the story of an insecure TV actor, a misguided German tourist, and an endearing tuxedo shop owner.

Bell Media congratulates the following bravoFACT-funded short films:

Stage to Screen:

The Archivist (Jeremy Ball, British Columbia)

A young assistant projectionist investigates a series of mysterious disappearances at the cinema where he works.

The Good Escape (Nadia Litz, Ontario)

Set in a time when the movie house was a place of escape and dreams, a criminal takes a break in a theatre audience.

Silent Garden (Dylan Reibling, Ontario)

A silent film set against the backdrop of popular entertainment’s tumultuous transition from live vaudeville performances to silent film projections.

Tiny Dancer (Doug Karr, Nova Scotia)

The young daughter of a tiny family that lives in the Winter Garden Theatre longs to dance on the big stage.

Wakening (Danis Goulet, Ontario)

An ancient aboriginal myth told as a post-apocalyptic story, set in the Winter Garden Theatre.

Winter Garden (Alex Epstein, Quebec)

A wildly successful playwright desperately tries to renegotiate a deal he made for his success.

Short Cuts Canada Program Selections:

Method (Gregory Smith, Ontario)

Drowning in a sea of his own neuroses, the actor playing Officer O’Shea on a TV cop drama must go to extraordinary lengths to win back his confidence and get a confession from the perpetrator.

Pilgrims (Marie Clements, British Columbia)

A dark comedy highlighting a German tourist’s fascination with West Coast culture as he is tested by three First Nations men willing to teach him about salvation amongst “The Savages.”

Sam’s Formalwear (Yael Staav, Ontario)

A tuxedo shop owner whose business and love life are in simultaneous decline takes a last stand at his daughter’s prom.