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CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund to Receive $50,000 Donation from U. S. Steel Canada

Corus Radio Hamilton today announced that U. S. Steel Canada has made a generous donation of $50,000 to the CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund. This donation is one of the largest to the fund since its inception.

The CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund has channeled over $4.5 million into local programs that help benefit underprivileged children in the Hamilton/Burlington area. Each year, this fund assists over 30 organizations in need and relies on donations from listeners as well as major corporate support from companies such as U. S. Steel Canada.

“The Children’s Fund is proud to partner with U. S. Steel Canada to ensure we remain a source of hope for local children’s charities,” said Jeff Storey, President, CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund. “The $50,000 donation is a significant investment and one that will make a huge impact in Hamilton. It’s this type of leadership that will help our community prosper. We look forward to working with U. S. Steel Canada and other community partners in the future to assist children and their families who need it most.”

“Involvement with the communities in which U. S. Steel Canada operates is the most public — and arguably the most gratifying — manifestation of our company’s corporate citizenship,” said Trevor Harris, Director, Government and Public Affairs, U. S. Steel Canada. “As we strive to provide opportunity for children and families across Hamilton, we are honoured to partner with an organization that has demonstrated a true passion for our community and our neighbours for over 35 years. Working in collaboration with the CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund and other community partners, we look forward to our future and creating lasting and meaningful benefits for our community.”

The CHML/Y108 Children’s Fund was founded in 1976 by AM900 CHML and is respected in the community for providing vital funding to, and ongoing awareness of, children’s causes, programs and services in the Hamilton/Burlington area. The fund’s major fundraising drive is the CHML/Y108 Christmas Tree of Hope.