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CRTC Approves Asper’s Bid for Fantasy Sports Channel

The CRTC has approved Leonard Asper’s  Fight Media Inc.  application for a broadcasting licence to operate The League – Fantasy Sports TV, a national, English-language specialty Category B service that would be devoted to fantasy sports, allowing viewers to act as owners and assume all the responsibilities associated with operating real sports franchises, and allowing viewers to create, monitor, trade and discuss players on their teams with others also playing fantasy sports.  

Fight Media indicated that the service’s flagship programs would consist of studio call-in and talk shows hosted by anchors providing viewers with the opportunity to call in to discuss and seek advice on their fantasy picks and drafts. Viewers would be provided with multi-screen, real-time fantasy statistics and fantasy pool standings and rankings. Studio shows would take place prior to and after live events so that the information being provided is timely and relevant.