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Veteran broadcaster, author and world famous futurist Frank Ogden aka Dr.Tomorrow.passed away Dec 28/2012 in a seniors residence in Maple Ridge B.C. He was 92.

Ogden was famous for making outrageous predictions which over time often proved true. Some predictions may have resulted from his friendship with LSD guru Dr. Timothy O’Leary.

Franks prediction twenty years ago of worldwide “Virtual Sex ” becoming a reality shocked the hostess of CBC national news when he told her and viewers across Canada ” Don’t knock it until you try it”

No stranger to broadcast conflict he was manager of Montreal radio station CKGM during the height of the FLQ crisis.His book ” The last book you will ever read” contained a CD . For two years he hosted the daily syndicated radio series ” Doctor”

In another publication, called Dispatches from Cyberspace and released in 1997, he confidently spoke of a ‘”billion channel universe” enabled by “pioneers on the Internet”.   Ogden, in typically futuristic anticipation, also wrote of “the Rogers wave” and the expected media power contained in that cable company’s small black set-top box.

An in-demand celebrity speaker on the conference circuit, he once keynoted the then-Canadian Association of Broadcaster’s Annual Conference in B.C., during which he both outlined the electronic and information revolutions of the coming decades, and befriended and hosted a young trade magazine writer on his houseboat.

Born in 1920, Ogden was educated in Canada and the United States and served as a flight engineer during World War II. He worked in aeronautics for several years, and then during the 1960s, he joined a U.S. medical team researching the effects of hallucinogenics, like LSD.

In 1979, he began monitoring the media scene and new developments in information technology, using some 200 satellites and 2,000 data banks to provide a video clipping service for forward thinkers wanting information on new and relevant business developments.