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TVO Launches Digital Resources For Analysis of Ontario Policical Scene

TVO announces new digital resources as part of an innovation strategy that allows citizens to engage in Ontario politics in exciting new ways.

TVO’s flagship current affairs program The Agenda with Steve Paikin is launching The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Covering Ontario Politics page that provides a hub for engaged debate on the Ontario political scene. This new page uses TVO’s suite of digital tools to aggregate Ontario political content that provides unparalleled depth of analysis on the issues that matter most to Ontarians. In addition, every Monday , The Agenda’s anchor and senior editor, Steve Paikin, will be taking questions from Ontarians on the latest happenings in Ontario politics in a live video web chat.

The Agenda’s Covering Ontario Politics page features all the latest episodes, web-exclusive videos and blog posts covering the politics of the province. It’s the place Ontarians can get the most comprehensive analysis of the state of politics in Ontario that will help them become more informed and more engaged on the issues facing the province.

The Agenda is also turning the tables and providing Ontarians the opportunity to directly ask Steve Paikin questions related to Ontario politics. Every Monday, Paikin will host a live web chat that uses social media and other digital tools to help Ontarians tap into Paikin’s depth of expertise in order to make sense of events shaping the province.  Paikin will take questions submitted anytime through Twitter, The Agenda’s Facebook page, and live through the Cover It Live console of The Agenda’s blog page.

In addition to these new resources, as delegates of the Ontario Liberal Party prepare to choose their next leader and the province’s 25th premier this weekend, The Agenda with Steve Paikin will be there to provide online coverage. Beginning this Saturday at noon, will be analyzing the results of each ballot until the next premier is chosen. Steve Paikin will be on site and featured in live streaming video talking to expert guests at the convention who will provide insight on the proceedings. And all day Saturday, timely updates and analysis from Steve Paikin and The Agenda team will also be available on Twitter.

“There’s a real appetite for information and analysis that gives people a better understanding of Ontario politics,” says Steve Paikin. “What we’re doing with the Ontario Politics page, the Monday web chats and our ongoing analysis of the issues on-air and online provide multiple entry points for people wanting to gain a better understanding of the big issues of the day and what they mean for the average Ontarian.”

Leading up to the convention, visitors to The Agenda’s Covering Ontario Politics page will find one-on-one interviews with Ontario Liberal leadership candidates, along with The Agenda’s Ontario Liberal Leadership candidate’s debate program. Following the convention, the page will continue to be home to the most comprehensive analysis of the issues facing the province.