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TORONTO - On Monday, September 1st, Life Network will unveil a brand new look with revamped on-air branding elements and a modern, new logo.

The new look is designed to better reflect the network's line-up of compelling reality programming and appeal to its younger, female-skewing audience.

"Over the past few years, Life Network has evolved from a soft, family-oriented channel to the home of compelling reality programming," says Janet Eastwood, executive vice-president, marketing, communications and creative services, Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting. "The new look was developed to better reflect our program offering, which includes hits like Matchmaker, Temptation Island and our new series, America's Next Top Model. We are confident that these updated branding elements will resonant with our younger female target."

The new logo was designed and created by Alliance Atlantis' Creative Services team in collaboration with 52 Pick Up Inc. The circular logo has a vibrant purple inner circle, enclosed by a magenta-coloured outer ring. "Life Network" appears in two distinct fonts within the inner circle and an accompanying tagline outside the circle reads "real."

Alliance Atlantis' Creative Services team is also responsible for the development of the on-air look which includes 14 new, 10-second network IDs. Created and produced entirely in-house, these themed IDs depict moments and everyday events that are real, cheeky and emotional. One ID follows a young woman as she gets ready for a date, while another shows a bride and two bridesmaids struggling with her wedding dress as she tries to use the toilet. Some are purposely ambiguous such as an ID where a woman rushes into a cab, leaving her confused date standing on the sidewalk while another depicts the heartache of moving day. will also relaunch on September 1 and has been redesigned to include a new layout, colours and original content to complement the new on-air look.

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