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Changes on the dial in nation's capital


OTTAWA - After its entire morning crew jumped ship to a rival, replacements were quickly found by HOT 89.9.

Earlier this month, HOT 89.9's popular morning show of Carter, Sandra and The Boyle (Carter Brown, Sandra Plagakis, Andrew Boyle and Jenny "from the block" Usher) jumped from the Newcap Broadcasting station to Rogers' 105.3 KISS FM.

Stepping into the breach this month at 89.9 are Mauler & Rush, who have been hosting mornings since the departure of the previous crew.

Also added to the new Morning HOT Tub are Laura Mainella (who joins her new station from KISS and will handle news and co-hosting duties. "Laura comes to us from the dark side over on Thurston Road," says an e-mail from Mauler. "Her skin has cleared up from those days and she's ready to KILL the competition.") and Josie Geuer, who will be responsible for updating the audience on pop culture, gossip, sleaze, fashion and more - and will continue to be the station's evening announcer as well.

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