Standard's Television Stations Convert to BroadView

November 3, 2005

by -- Broadview Software

BroadView Software Inc. and Standard Radio Inc. today announced the launch of Standard’s two television stations in British Columbia onto BroadView’s traffic, programming and sales software.

Both stations are affiliates of the CBC, one of the largest broadcast networks in North America, and get much of their programming from the CBC network. Together, CFTK-TV in Terrace and CJDC-TV in Dawson Creek, provide CBC coverage to much of northern British Columbia.

"We needed a system that could manage multiple program changes and the resulting mess of pre-empts and make goods," according to Dave Simon Vice President of Engineering for Standard Radio. "We were also looking for a low cost, PC-based solution," he added.

Being network affiliates, the stations are partly at the mercy of the network that, depending on the time of year, may instigate many last minute program changes. Changes are particularly challenging during weeks of live, variable sporting events such as playoff hockey or the Olympics. The resulting changes create headaches for programming, sales and traffic departments as the stations try to manage and rearrange their spots. Using BroadView alleviates these historical problems.

Standard Radio is also using BroadView to generate partial traffic logs, track avails and generate related invoices for the re-selling of spots from a distant Global Television station and a CTV station. Standard Radio has the right to "cover over" some of the spots of both these feeds and create local avails in each of the two cities.

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