B&L; Coaxial Appoints Sales Manager

January 30, 2006

by -- B & L Coaxial Connections Ltd.

B&L; Coaxial Connections Ltd. is pleased to announce that Brian Coombes is taking on the position of Sales Manager.

Brian attended Torontoís Centennial College for studies in marketing and spent the next 14 years working in various positions in the banking, food, and electronics industries. Brian has worked for B&L; for the past six years in a variety of roles including customer service, technical assistance, R&D;, and production management. He is entering this new role with a strong sales background obtained while building relationships with B&L;ís customers and sales channels across Canada. Brianís experience makes him an excellent addition to the sales team and he will play a valuable part in B&L;ís future growth.

B&L; has been servicing the Broadcast and Cable Industries with an incredibly wide range of connector offerings for over 20 years. B&L; provides customers with the most comprehensive line of quality coaxial connectors in the market. By choosing B&L; as their connector supplier, customers can be confident that the connectors will be mechanically matched to the cable they are using. B&L; has been honored within the Broadcast Industry for its revolutionary twist-on BNC connector design.

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