Digital Video SFPs Allow Uncompressed HD Video to Travel Over Standard Fibre

April 25, 2006

by -- MRV Communications

MRV Communications Inc., a provider of products and services for out-of-band networking, WDM and optical transport, metro Ethernet, fiber optic components, 10GE and other service aware networking products, today announced a new family of digital video fiber optic transceivers that allow transport of uncompressed high-definition video
over standard fiber optic networks.

The new Digital Video SFP family enables post-production facilities and rich-media studios to transport HD-SDI video over dark fiber using networking gear from any vendor that supports the small form factor pluggable (SFP) standard.

In customer tests, MRV Digital Video SFPs were used to transmit uncompressed SDI and HD-SDI between Sony HDW-F500 (HDCam) and Panasonic HD3700H (D5) tape deck pairs over 21 kilometres of single-mode dark fiber.

Each MRV Digital Video SFP has a coaxial cable connector that takes a Digital Video feed from a camera or production system and feeds it into an SFP-based system that converts the sight into a fiber optic signal.

The MRV's SFPs are available for the DVB-ASI (270 Mbps) standard, the SDI (270 Mbps) standard, and both the PAL/SECAM (1.485 Gbps) and NTSC (1.4835 Gbps) standards of HD-SDI.

"As HD content becomes the norm in more industries, the limitations to transporting it on a network have a bigger impact on budgets and on turnaround time for projects," said Noam Lotan, president and CEO of the Chatsworth, Calif. company.

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