SF Marketing Appointed Distributor of LightViper by FiberPlex

June 13, 2006

by -- SF Marketing

SF Marketing Inc. is pleased to announce it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of LightViper Fiber Optic Digital Audio products in Canada.

FiberPlex Inc. is the leading fiber optic supplier to the professional audio industry. Experts in the field for more than 35 years, they have pioneered some of the first commercial fiber devices. As a customer-driven designer, developer, and manufacturer of fiber optical devices and equipment, FiberPlex produces high performance communications devices and has enjoyed consistent and profitable growth serving government and commercial markets. Combined with the fiber optic technology they pioneered and their expertise in audio engineering, FiberPlex released LightViper, a revolutionary and lightweight digital fiber optic audio snake system for use in a variety of professional sound applications.

LightViper is a dedicated digital audio transport system via fiber optic that features nearly limitless splitting and routing options with lossless signal quality. Optical fiber provides complete electrical isolation, immunity to RFI and EMI interference and eliminates ground loop problems common to traditional copper audio snakes. The small-diameter but tough cable can be run up to 2 Km without signal degradation and can easily be routed overhead, around obstacles, through walls or underground. Lightweight and built to rugged military standards, LightViper is quickly becoming the digital audio transport system of choice for touring professionals, contractors and broadcasters alike.

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