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Industry Trade Show Puts Alternate Delivery Options in Mainstream

The multichannel universe is not what most people imagine.

True, it does today include a multiplicity of channels – broadcast networks, cable outlets, specialty services and the like.

Tomorrow, it will encompass a multiplicity of distribution platforms – digital over-the-air transmission, wired DTV and HDTV, MoTV and wireless television (both SD and HD), broadband delivery systems like the Internet and IPTV.

Technologies from companies like TiVo, SlingMedia, Apple, Motorola, Google and many others show that a convergence of wireless broadband, standards-based software, and new video compression and encoding technologies will enable more affordable, more flexible, more user-customizable delivery methods.

At this year’s National Association of Broadcasters trade show and conference, these ideas, challenges and opportunities will be explored in much greater depth, and with dedicated events, activities and keynote speeches.

The expanding world of content distribution will be in the spotlight at IPTVWorld, one of the dedicated conference tracks at NAB2007. New business opportunities created by a revolution in mobile media, and the migration of near-TV quality video to cellphones, will be explored at MoTV, another dedicated mini-conference. There’s even a Podcasting Summit and bootcamp, where new techniques and technologies for the distribution of audio and video content will be revealed.

Yes, there are the more traditional conference tracks at this year’s NAB – radio broadcasting, TV management, broadcast engineering.

But when the North American TV industry’s largest event features (unless the lawyers interfere) the Chairman of Google, the president of TiVo, the founder of Sling Media, well, you know that alternative methods for delivering broadcast content – anywhere, anytime, anyhow – are becoming mainstream.