Broadcaster,  11/8/2006

SDS Unveils Multi-Station Management Solution

Specialty Data Systems of Toronto launched its unique eBroadcast mangement system into the conventional broadcast market in Quebec. The first Quebec-based conventional broadcaster to implement the SDS solution is Radio Nord Communications Inc., headquartered in Gatineau, which operates five television stations in Quebec.

"With five geographically-dispersed television stations, which are part of large affiliates and experience frequent last-minute programming changes, Radio Nord Communications Inc. needed a robust, flexible system that could be tailored toward the station's needs, and SDS fit the bill," said Robert H. Parent, Vice-President Executive Ttelevision of Radio Nord Communications Inc.

The SDS eBroadcast system is the first proven all-in-one broadcast management system, for cable, conventional television broadcasters, and radio stations. The system offers a unified approach to sales, traffic, programming, operations and accounting, enabling a two-way flow of data to be shared across departments and eliminating the need to re-key information or use paper.

With the SDS system, users access information on-line in real-time, filtered and formatted to meet their particular needs, whether they're programming airtime, booking orders, scheduling promos, or producing sales and commission reports, the company describes.

To meet the particular needs of Radio Nord Communications Inc. which not only covers a French-speaking market, but also requires the ability to quickly and easily implement up-to-the-minute programming changes from its network affiliates SDS developed a customized system.

"The SDS solution offers broadcasters the opportunity to operate more efficiently, reduce redundancies, and better deal with the technological changes that challenge the industry," stated David Cole, President. "In a competitive market, these are capabilities that are critical to help broadcasters succeed."

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