September 10, 2012 - by BROADCASTER

Sennheiser Launches MKE 600 Camera Microphone

A video camera is always a treasured companion for  special occasions and creative projects. And discerning video enthusiasts also have the highest demands when it comes to sound quality in particular.

To meet these demands, audio specialist Sennheiser is now unveiling a new camera microphone at IBC in Amsterdam: the MKE 600 shotgun microphone.

“The MKE 600 was developed for video journalists who want superior sound quality coupled with uncomplicated handling – benefits that amateur video enthusiasts will also appreciate,” said Kai Lange, Product Manager Wired Microphones at Sennheiser. “In developing the MKE 600, we paid particular attention to achieving a high level of directivity and a balanced sound.”

Top-quality sound for successful videos

The shotgun microphone offers a very lifelike, full-bodied sound with good bass reproduction. It ensures pleasant speech reproduction with high intelligibility. Thanks to its high level of directivity the MKE 600 will pick up sound from the camera direction while avoiding unwanted background noise – making sure that the sound is always right next to the image. Handling and wind noise is reliably reduced by a switchable low-cut filter.

Independent of phantom powering

As not all video cameras provide phantom power for a microphone, the MKE 600 can also be powered by a standard AA battery. A switch is provided to deactivate the battery power when the camera is not in use, thus preventing the battery from being discharged. An LED on the battery switch (“Low Batt”) indicates when the battery voltage is low, after which there is still a reserve of around eight hours – plenty of time to complete a video even if you do not have a new battery available immediately.

Professional accessories

The MKE 600 comes fully equipped with a foam windshield that reduces wind noise by around 25 dB. Also included are a carrying case and an elastic shock mount with an integral flashmount adapter for fixing the sturdy MKE 600 to the video camera. The special design of the shock mount prevents handling noise from being transmitted to the microphone.

For outdoor videos, a ‘blimp’ (MZH 600) – a combined foam/hairy cover windshield – which reduces wind noise more effectively than a foam windshield, is available as an optional accessory. A further option is a coiled connecting cable (KA 600) from an XLR-3 connector to a 3.5 mm jack plug.

The MKE 600 will be available from IBC 2012.

 Sensitivity with P48 phantom power 21 mV/Pa

Sensitivity with battery power 19 mV/Pa

Max. sound pressure level with P48 132 dB SPL

Max. SPL with battery power 126 dB SPL

Equivalent noise level with P48 15 dB (A)

Equivalent noise level with battery power 16 dB (A)

Power supply 48 V ± 4 V (P48, IEC 61938) via

XLR-3 or AA battery/ rechargeable

battery (1.5 V/1.2 V)

Current consumption with P48 4.4 mA

Operating time with battery approx. 150 h

“Low Batt” indicator < 1.05 V; approx. 8 h remaining

operating time after initial


Diameter 20 mm

Length 256 mm

Weight 128 g (without battery)

Operating temperature –10 °C to +60 °C


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