April 15, 2011 - by HHB Communications

Jünger Audio Appoints New Distributors

  As part of a major restructuring of its distributor network, dynamic processing specialist Jünger Audio has appointed two new distributors – Group One and HHB Canada - to handle its product range in the United States and Canada respectively.


With broadcasters increasingly turning their attention to the issue of audio loudness and complying with the new CALM legislation, the appointments are timely as they will allow customers in the United States and Canada to easily and confidently access Jünger Audio’s groundbreaking LEVEL MAGIC Loudness control solutions. These incorporate ATSC, ITU and EBU R128 recommendations on Loudness and have already been adopted by  broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, MediaCorp, Canal +, Astro and RTL.


Peter Poers, Managing Director of Jünger Audio, says: “We are delighted to be working with Group One and HHB Canada and feel confident that their expertise in the market will enable us to bring our product range to a much larger audience. Both our new T*AP TV Audio Processor and LEVEL MAGIC suite of products fulfil the requirements set by major broadcasters around the world for maintaining loudness consistency. This is an important issue for everyone involved in the broadcast industry. Our strength lies in our 20-plus years of expertise in dynamic processing – and in our ability to deliver a range of products that are designed to solve the problem in an easy and cost effective way.”




Jünger Audio’s  appointment sees HHB Canada taking charge of its product distribution in Canada.


As part of the UK-based HHB Group, HHB Canada is a leading independent supplier of professional audio equipment. Among the many brands the company represents are Cedar, iZotope, Que Audio, Solid State Logic, TSL and Universal Audio.


HHB is also a major manufacturer of professional audio recording devices and recording media in its own right and these products, along with its distributed ranges, are made available to local customers such as CBC, Radio-Canada, CTV, TVA, TV Ontario, Rogers and Astral Television by the Canadian subsidiary.


Dave Dysart, head of HHB Canada, says: “Jünger Audio is renowned for the quality and transparency of its audio dynamics processing. We are very impressed with the modularity of the C8000 system, and how a broadcaster can process many streams of HD-SDI audio in a small modular system.


“We believe our broadcast clients will be very impressed with the Jünger Audio range of products. With HHB as the dedicated Canadian distributor, Canadian broadcasters will feel confident that they will receive professional sales and technical support from a local supplier.”


Dysart says that the loudness issue is also a concern for Canadian consumers and broadcasters, who are demanding scalable solutions that allows them to set the desired target audio level and then have the processing work seamlessly and in the background.


“Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC adaptive level control algorithm offers the ideal solution because it is designed to adjust level from any source without distorting the sound in any way,” he adds. “The fact that these units are also very easy to operate is also a major advantage.”



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