Furman’s New IT-20 II Completely Eliminates AC Noise to U nveil Crucial Low-Level Signals in Recording and Production Applications

March 2, 2006

by -- SF Marketing

Furman Sound, the most widely recognized and trusted name in AC power conditioning, announced a new 20-amp balanced isolation transformer that provides two levels of noise filtration for sensitive electronics and advanced protection against surges and overvoltages. With 80 decibels of common-mode noise reduction and 40 decibels of differential-mode noise reduction, the IT-20 II unveils important low-level signals, enabling high-end audio/video equipment to achieve their maximum performance.

“Low-level signals define harmonics, instrument timber, high-frequency extension, spatial cues, fast transient attacks, and other signals that provide resolution and depth to high-end audio and video,” said Dave Keller, executive vice president of Furman Sound. “When AC noise is allowed into audio processors, pre-amplifiers, powered monitors, computers, and mixing consoles, these low-level signals are distorted, degrading performance. The IT-20 II preserves those important signals by eliminating the noise that masks them.”

Designed for the most critical ultra-low-noise applications such as recording studios, broadcast stations, and video production facilities, the IT-20 II can supply 20 amps of balanced AC power with over 80 dB of common-mode noise reduction from a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. One feature of the IT-20 II that is completely unique is its Ground Lift switch. This allows equipment plugged into the output of the unit to be 100 percent isolated on all three lines (hot, neutral, and ground) from the input. The result is a perfectly clean feed of output power where hum or buzz as a result of AC noise is impossible.

The IT-20 II is also equipped with Furman’s exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) circuitry, which includes Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) that suppresses over 40 decibels of differential-mode noise consistently across the entire dynamic range, a vast improvement over typical AC filters with nonlinear circuits that reduce noise unevenly and can even add noise at some frequencies. In addition to LiFT, the circuit incorporates Series Multi-Stage Protection, which clamps and dissipates damaging transient voltages at the highest degree available without sacrificing any components, and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), which protects against accidental connections to 208 or 240 VAC by shutting off the incoming power until the overvoltage condition is corrected. These technologies ensure that expensive equipment is not destroyed by power problems.

The rack-mount IT-20 II has a toroid transformer that contains its magnetic field so that other components can operate in close proximity. The unit provides 12 ultra-low-resistance isolated Hubbell AC outlets in the back, plus two additional convenience outlets on the front panel, all of which are GFCI-protected. A laboratory-grade digital voltmeter displays the incoming voltage on the front panel.

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