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96.5 becomes KOOL

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HALIFAX � Last Monday morning at 7:35am, the Halifax FM radio station at 96.5 unveiled a new identity: KOOL 96 DOT 5 FM � Classic Hits.

The popular CHUM/Newcap-owned Halifax radio station also has taken on a new set of call letters � CKUL-FM.

"We've spent the better part of the past two years reinforcing our dial position of 96.5 as the place on the FM dial for Classic Hits," says KOOL program director Gary Greer, in a release. "Now that we have established 96.5 as the dial position for Classic Hits in the Halifax radio spectrum, we felt the time was right to give the station an actual name."

"We went through many possibilities, but when we asked our listeners about the Classic Hits of the '60s, '70s and '80s we play, many responded with just that phrase! Same thing when we asked about Griff & Donna In The Morning, as well as the various specials and features on the station, the response was the same: 'cool!'" he added.

"The answer to the question of what to call the station became very obvious." said Greer.

Several new features will also become part of the station's weekly schedule, including "Caf� KOOL" in the noon hour, "Saturday Night KOOL" will become the soundtrack for Metro's kitchen parties, and Sunday mornings will feature "Beatles Brunch" with resident KOOL Beatlemaniac personality Jamie Paterson.

The station's web site has also adopted a new look and a new moniker. Now located at

"This is a very exciting time for us" said Greer. "We have developed a great relationship with our listeners over the past two years, and felt it was time we were on a first name basis."

A KOOL new logo.

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