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Court adjourned, but CRIA sees progress

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TORONTO - The Canadian Recording Industry Association's attempt to get the contact information of flagrant music downloaders inched along today.

The court adjourned until March 12th but CRIA said in a release it is "pleased that its case before the Federal Court of Canada is moving ahead."

"While the court has decided to adjourn for a couple of weeks," said CRIA general counsel Richard Pfohl, "we see this as progress in due legal process that will in the end, allow us to file suits against flagrant copyright infringers."

CRIA filed court orders last week to require five Canadian Internet service providers (Shaw Communications, Rogers Communications, Bell Canada, Telus Corp and Vid�otron) to disclose the identities of large scale pirates who have been openly and illegally distributing thousands of digital music files over public networks.

Canada's recording industry has several initiatives designed to try and meet the technological challenges posed by illegal downloading and file sharing: from the innovative and ongoing Value of Music public awareness campaign aimed at the early teen demographic to direct 'instant messages' to unauthorized file-sharing service users, to the creation of new legal online business models like www.puretracks.com and www.archambaultzik.ca, which is owned by Vid�otron parent Quebecor Media.

CRIA is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of Canadian companies that create, manufacture and market sound recordings. In all they represent 95% of the sound recordings that are manufactured and sold in Canada.
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