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Sudbury RCMP lay illegal satellite gear charge

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SUDBURY - Last October, the Sudbury RCMP seized a briefcase containing multiple Access Cards valued at approximately $5,000 along with supporting evidence of distribution.

That led to charges laid last Thursday against Jean Lafreniere of Chelmsford, Ontario with eight counts of possession and distribution of access cards (DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu).

Lafreniere is facing charges under the Radiocommunication Act and the Criminal Code of Canada and is scheduled to appear in Sudbury Provincial Court on April 7th, 2004.

"The piracy and distribution of illegal satellite systems cost Canadian businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Signals which are not licensed by the Canadian Radio -television and Communication Commission cannot be legally intercepted within Canadian boundaries," said Cpl. Alain Bonhomme, RCMP Federal Enforcement.

"Legal distributors who must spend thousands of dollars on licensing and equipment are at a distinct disadvantage when they try to compete with illegal distributors. These illegal distributors also have the advantage of avoiding paying any taxes on their illegally gotten revenue. In order to protect legal distributing businesses, the RCMP have been mandated to investigate complaints under the CRTC, executing seizures, arrests and subsequent charges when the evidence warrants it."
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