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HDTV penetration still low, but awareness is high

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HDTV/digital television
TORONTO - While just 2% of Canadians own an HDTV set right now, a vast majority are aware of the technology and want it in their homes, according to a study.

Part of the Fast Forward Trend Research Series 2004 from Solutions Research Group shows that while actual HDTV penetration is still low, 80% of Canadians are aware of HDTV, 66% of them have seen it in stores and 52% are interested in buying it.

"The big gulf between exposure and actual ownership suggests that consumers are holding out for lower prices before they upgrade," says the report, which adds that the average age of the primary TV set in homes is six years old and that 20% of primary sets turn over every two years.

What that predicts, says the report, is that HD set penetration is poised for growth and that the penetration level will hit 25% of Canadian homes after Christmas of 2005.

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