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Envelope system gets CTF contracts rolling early

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OTTAWA - The Canadian Television Fund announced today it has begun issuing funding contracts under the new Broadcaster Performance Envelope system.

In comparison to the project ranking system used in previous years, the first contract was issued seven weeks earlier even though the application period started a month later this spring. Last year, the CTF License Fee Program's first contract wasn't issued until June, says the CTF press release.

"One of the strengths of the new Broadcaster Performance Envelope Stream is the ability for the CTF to simplify its administration of project applications," said Sandra Macdonald, president and CEO of the CTF in the statement. "The Fund is therefore able to render decisions more quickly."

Faster turn-around times at the CTF allow producers who have the rest of the elements of their project in place to receive the CTF portion of their financing more quickly and efficiently than in the past, and with the certainty that they will receive both license and equity, if the application seeks both.

Announced last November, the new Broadcaster Performance Envelope Stream is a key feature in the redesign of the CTF the goals of which were to reward audience success, simplify the application process and reduce administrative costs. These first contracts show the benefits of a simpler process for producers, and the lower cost of a simpler system helps the CTF maximize the amount of funding available for television production.

For a fuller explanation on the envelope system and its genesis, click here for the profile from the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of Broadcaster Magazine.

The Canadian Television Fund was created in 1996 to support the production and broadcast of high quality, distinctively Canadian television programs. The result of a private-public partnership, the CTF is financed by contributions from the Government of Canada, the Canadian cable and direct-to-home satellite industries and Telefilm Canada.
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