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Erin Davis back on Toronto airwaves
by David Bray

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CJEZ-FM (EZ Rock 97.3 FM) Toronto
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WHERE DO I TURN? That may have been the refrain coming from many of Erin Davis' faithful listeners after she left CHFI-FM in the spring of 2003, but we now have an answer.

Starting on Tuesday Sept. 7, in what will surely be a perfect fit, she will be co-hosting the morning show with Mike Cooper on EZRock97.3. The Standard Radio-owned station recently asked listeners to phone or e-mail their choice for a substitute while regular host Christine Cardoso takes maternity leave.

The overwhelming favourite came as no surprise. Erin made a lot of friends in the 15 years she spent hosting the morning the Rogers Broadcasting-owned CHFI-FM morning show. In fact, she has received over 3,500 personal e-mails from listeners who have sought her out to say they feel like they lost a friend. I happen to know that she took the time to answer every one.

Program director Brian Depoe declared that "we are thrilled to have someone of Erin Davis' calibre join the EZRock team", confirming that he would also welcome her huge fan base.

Since leaving her previous post, Erin has hosted her own show on W Network which is currently in reruns. She is now looking forward to a full time return to radio.

In spite of corporate consolidation and networking, radio continues to be about community and human contact. The medium continues to touch people in a very personal way on a day to day basis. Erin has never forgotten the fact that she is a small but important part of listener's lives, waking them up and cushioning their drive to work.

She enthusiastically describes her ongoing goal of giving listeners "something they can relate to", something more than just "chatter". Think of it as a comfortable conversation between friends. Well she has just given them something new to talk about. Welcome back Erin.

David Bray is senior vice-president of Hennessy & Bray Communications. Feel free to forward questions and inquiries to him at 416-431-5792; fax: 416-431-0168; davidbray@sympatico.ca; www.hennessyandbray.com.
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