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SIRIUS to win battle, says poll�
by Greg O'Brien

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SEEMS AS THOUGH the supporters of SIRIUS are serious about getting noticed, even if it means compromising's little poll.

On the right side of our home page and news pages, readers can usually find a topical poll question - and this time it asks the industry's opinion on what the CRTC will do when it comes to deciding on the three subscription radio applications currently before it, once hearings are finished in early November.

Usually, due to our tight focus on the Canadian broadcast industry, our poll questions take a couple of weeks to get to the 200-400 response level but as of 5 p.m., October 18th, just five days after posting, we've already had over 550 responses, overwhelmingly in favor of SIRIUS. A shocking 74% of respondents say the Commission will approve the CBC/SIRIUS/Standard Broadcasting application only.

Actually, an alert reader sent us a note saying that a link to our site had been posted on a Yahoo! finance board last week by a zealous SIRIUS investor, who urged all other supporters of the satellite radio company to "vote for SIRIUS" by clicking through to our web site.

So, we're thinking the results might be a little skewed, to say the least. That's the power of the Internet for you.
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Broadcaster Poll
When it comes to the three subscription radio applications to be heard by the CRTC November (see this site for stories explaining it), should the Commission:
Approve all three?  
Approve the CHUM "Canadian" option?  
Approve one or both of the satellite options?  
Approve none?