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XM supporters click back, pull ahead in poll�
by Greg O'Brien

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APPARENTLY THERE ARE SOME dedicated satellite radio fans/investors flooding to the site, skewing our poll more than a little.

After reporting earlier this week that a SIRIUS investor (via Yahoo! Finance) had pointed hundreds of supporters to the little poll on our web site - which asks for an opinion on what subscription radio application the CRTC would approve once hearings are completed next month - XM's faithful have caught on and have begun clicking away.

As of 10 a.m. this morning, our poll had counted nearly 1,000 additional respondents, just about all of them XM supporters. Due to our tight focus on the Canadian broadcast industry, we normally get a few hundred responses spread over a couple of weeks to our poll questions, we have already topped 1,500 in about six days.

On Monday, SIRIUS had about 74% support in the poll while XM sat at around 12%. So far today, XM had rocketed up to 61.7% while SIRIUS had dwindled to 27.7%.

What does this mean? That CHUM's supporters are too lazy to click? No.

It means that anyone can click a mouse and shows the raw power� and sometimes abject silliness of the Internet. Kind of like this week when Corus Entertainment's Power 97 morning man Hal Anderson was named the 34th-greatest Canadian in CBC's undertaking to find the 50 greatest Canadians of all time. Anderson asked his Winnipeg listeners to click away and they did, putting him ahead of the likes of Mr. Dressup, former Prime Ministers Sir Wilfred Laurier and Jean Chretien and World War I flying ace Billy Bishop.

BTW - I think the Commission should approve all three subscription radio applicants and that's how I voted.
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When it comes to the three subscription radio applications to be heard by the CRTC November (see this site for stories explaining it), should the Commission:
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