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The hits keep on coming
by Greg O'Brien

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WELL, IT'S NOW A LITTLE SILLY. As one reader told me via e-mail, "the mice are oiled and ready" and each side of the U.S. satellite radio market have infiltrated our poll to an extent we've never seen before.

With links to the site now posted far and wide by XM and SIRIUS satellite radio supporters, telling them to click on their favourite, we've now recorded over 45,000 voters, that's over 20,000% higher than our usual poll response rate.

It was a relatively simple question we posed to the industry less than two weeks ago to try and gauge its temperature heading into the subscription radio hearings next week, alas, the raw power of the Internet has consumed our little survey, rendering it meaningless.

At 6 p.m. Monday, 63.2% were in favour of XM, 36.1% for SIRIUS (which makes sense, given that XM has far more subscribers than its competitor). Just 0.32% supported giving all three a license (which is the option I prefer) and just 0.06% logged on in favor of the CHUM application.

Kinda fun to see how far and wide can be read, but this dramatically skewed poll will disappear soon.
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When it comes to the three subscription radio applications to be heard by the CRTC November (see this site for stories explaining it), should the Commission:
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Approve none?