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RCI launches new programming, gains distribution

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OTTAWA - Last week, Radio Canada International (RCI), Canada's overseas station for raising its international profile, announced new programming for Brazilian audiences and new distribution through Africa.

The new Portuguese programming tailored to Brazilian audiences will be a half-hour weekly news and information magazine hosted by Hector Vilar, who has worked as a reporter and news director at Jornal da Tarde, a daily in S�o Paulo.

An agreement with Radia Netherlands will see this program broadcast on 300 FM and AM stations in Brazil. It will also air live on RCI short-wave on Fridays at 4 p.m. EST and on weekends via satellite and on the web at www.RCInet.ca.

RCI has also reached an agreement with the German international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, to air radio programming in major French-speaking capitals in Africa.

Under the agreement, Deutsche Welle will allow its more than 100 local partner radio stations to use its receivers to pick up RCI programming.

According to RCI director Jean Larin, the Canadian international service is currently undergoing repositioning by forming working partnerships with other international radio services.

On air for over 60 years, Radio Canada International broadcasts in nine languages via satellite, short-wave, the Internet www.RCInet.ca and partner stations.
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