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Telefilm to back 32 new projects

Montréal, - Telefilm Canada has agreed to support 32 of the 183 projects which were submitted by the April 29th deadline for fiscal 2002-2003. Of this total, 18 are for products in pre-development/development and 14 for are supported in production and marketing.

It is interesting to note that 13 of the 32 supported projects are new media-TV convergence products, which offer tie-ins between television shows and such media as wireless products, interactive games and Web sites. The other supported products are CD-ROMs, multimedia installations, game consoles, Web content, Web sites and wireless products. Overall, two thirds of the accepted projects are for online platforms, while one third are for offline platforms. Furthermore, 21 of the 32 products accepted by Telefilm – or 65% – are in the educational/edutainment category.

The list of accepted projects which were submitted for the April 29, 2002 deadline can be found at the following address:

Telefilm Canada, a cultural investor in cinema, television, new media and music Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated primarily to the development and promotion of the Canadian film, television new media and music industry. The Corporation acts as one of the government's principal instruments for providing strategic leverage to the Canadian private sector.

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