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Telefilm extends film fund to broadcasters

Montréal, - Telefilm Canada announced today that it will extend, on a pilot basis, the eligibility of broadcaster-affiliated production companies to the English-language Selective component of the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF). This new measure is effective immediately.

"The primary objective of the Canada Feature Film Fund is to reach a 5% box office in Canada," reminded Richard Stursberg, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. "Reaching this objective is a great challenge and will require that all players within the industry work together."

Current guidelines allow broadcaster-affiliated production companies to have access to the Performance component of the CFFF in both English and French for up to a maximum of one third of available resources. Due to the unique and significant challenges of English-language feature films in the market place, Telefilm Canada has decided to extend the English-language broadcast-affiliated production companies' access to the Selective component of the CFFF. However, this access will be limited to one-third of the total allocation for the Selective component for the English-language market. This pilot initiative applies only to English-language broadcaster-affiliated production companies and will remain in place for fiscal years 2002-2004. Telefilm will monitor the impact of this policy on the industry very carefully.

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