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MuchMusic's "Quickie" ad is the world's shortest

Toronto, - MuchMusic says its "Quickies" series of on-air spots have been acknowledged by Guinness World Record as the shortest TV commercials ever.

Each spot is just 1/60th of a second long, so don't try running to the bathroom during this break. The "Quickies", which feature the MuchMusic logo and include sound, each take up a mere half-frame of tape.

"It should have been impossible to produce half-frame edits with today's editing systems, but I was able to pull it off using a loophole I found," says MuchMusic producer & editor Tharanga Ramanayake, creator of the "Quickies" commercials. "At half a frame they're almost too fast to see. It's really nice to get this kind of recognition - it doesn't get any bigger
than a Guinness World Record."

Fast Facts...
* Just how fast is 1/60th of a second? In comparison, the average
human blink lasts 1/5th of a second.
* The "Quickies" are eight times faster than the previous record
holder, an ad for Bon Marche's Frango sweets that was aired in 1993 on
KING-TV's Evening Magazine (USA).
* There are 12 different "Quickies" commercials, including versions
with the MuchMusic VJs.
* The "Quickies" are currently running on MuchMusic, and first went to
air on January 2, 2002.
* It's technically impossible to create sound for less than half a
frame (so good luck trying to break this record).

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