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More study needed for interactive TV policy - CRTC

Gatineau, - After much discussion with the major television producers, programmers and deliverers, the CRTC recently issued its report on interactive television services and called for more comments on the issue from the industry.

The 62-page report makes mention of the iTV services already under way, looks at potential iTV business models and regulation of iTV, among other things.

In order to come up with some kind of policy on iTV, which is still very limited in its distribution, the Commission wants more information from industry participants. "One of the key issues at this time, however, is whether elements of iTV are broadcasting that must be distributed as an integral part of a service," said the CRTC's press release. "Accordingly, in Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2002-63, the Commission is seeking input to help define the term 'program-related' and to determine the difference between 'program-related' and other iTV services."

The Commission is asking a number of questions including:
* Should ITV be "integral" to a program in order for it to be deemed "program-related"? If so, how should this integral nature be determined?
* If certain types of iTV activity are determined to be "program- related", should a distributor be prohibited from altering or deleting a subsidiary signal containing such ITV activity?

For the full report and a full list of questions for which the Commission is seeking answers, follow the instructions found at or

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