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CWC announces 2002 award winners

Toronto, – Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) has announced the winners of its prestigious 2002 CWC Annual Awards.

Winners are selected annually on the basis of the value of their outstanding contributions to the industry and the enduring merit of their accomplishments. Established in 1992, the CWC Annual Awards are highly regarded in the communications industry.

"The calibre of the nominees for this year were exceptional", said CWC President, Stephanie MacKendrick. "Once again, we are truly impressed by the high quality and variety of the achievements of the women in our industry. We are very proud to recognize these winners, who are not only leaders in their fields but are important role models for our membership".

The 2002 Award Winners are:

Woman of the Year:
Pamela Wallin, Consul General to New York City, Canadian Consulate

This award recognizes a woman whose outstanding leadership and support of the advancement of women in both professional and volunteer spheres has made a significant impact on the industry.

Pamela has been one of Canada's most accomplished, honored, and respected broadcasters and journalists. In 2002, Pamela became Canada's first female Consul General to New York City, where her leadership and communication skills are invaluable in representing Canada in the business capital of this nation's largest cultural and trading partner.

In 1995, she founded her independent production company, Pamela Wallin Productions Inc., where she put her values into practice by hiring almost exclusively women and went on to create some of the most original programming on Canadian television. Three years later, she published her best-selling memoir Since You Asked. She has served on the boards of numerous professional, educational, and charitable organizations, including the Ontario Cancer Research Network and the University of Waterloo.

In addition, she has been Chair of the Canadian Journalism Foundation and Canadian Women in Communications. Pamela has received six Honorary Doctorates, the most recent being from her alma mater, the University of Regina, early in 2002. She has been honoured by the United Nations organization Unifem for her work in supporting women.

Mentor of the Year:
Dawn Hunt, Vice President, Government and Intercarrier Relations, Rogers Wireless Inc.

This award recognizes women and men who have devoted their time and effort to mentoring women new to the communications industry and those aspiring to career advancement.

Dawn is the co-founder of a team based mentoring program at Rogers AT&T; Wireless (established in 1998 and has grown to over 80 mentorees in the annual program); however, her commitment to mentoring was well known long before this formal program was created. Dawn's leadership has been helpful to many women in management positions across the company from the time she began with the company. Women and men in departments across a number of functions have come to count on Dawn as an executive who will take the time to assist them with career decisions and advancement. Dawn is very active in the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) in various roles and committees and was recently elected Chair after serving on the Executive for the past 4 years. Dawn is the first female in the Association's history to hold this position.

Trailblazer of the Year
There are two winners this year…
1. Lillyann Goldstein, CEO and In-House Legal Counsel, @Wallace Studios
2. Linda Hughes, President and Publisher, The Edmonton Journal, Southam Publishing

This award recognizes women and men whose strong leadership and significant actions have cleared a path for women in the industry.

Lillyann Goldstein initiated the concept of the one-stop shop within the entertainment business by initiating @Wallace Studios a 56,000 sq. ft. studio facility that is the first and only private rental sound studio facility in Canada to be owned and operated by a woman. Lillyann has a long history of trailblazing and she has never let adversity or being "first" deter or intimidate her. Injured and confined to a wheelchair for a time as a result of a car accident at 15, Lillyann persevered to graduate from high school one year early and regained the ability to walk. She took two years of CEGEP college in one year and at 17 was not only the youngest woman but the youngest person in Canada to enter law school when she enrolled at McGill.

She was the youngest graduate of that school when she completed her Bachelor of Civil and Common Law degree at age 21. Lillyann has taken on new challenges, moving into new media with the creation of her latest venture,, an entertainment industry Internet portal. She has been acknowledged by ReelWorld, for her tireless support of the Film and Television Industries with the inaugural Reel World Film Festival "Angel Award"

Linda Hughes cleared a path for women in the communications industry by becoming Southam Newspaper Group's first female publisher and the only woman in Canada in charge of a daily paper. By serving as publisher, Linda set a new standard for women in the print sector. While the print sector has experienced a shortage of top women executives, Linda's appointment as publisher of the Edmonton Journal set the stage for women across the country to move to executive ranks. She has cleared a path for women by showing that goals can be reached through hard work and strong determination.

Linda conducts her professional life by five commandments: Be able, be seen to be able, help others help you, be lucky and know what you want. In 1994, she was named to Chatelaine's list of Canada's 50 most influential women.

Employer of the Year
Canadian Television Fund

This award honours an employer that has an outstanding track record in hiring and advancing women at all levels of the organization, demonstrating leadership in the promotion of women within the industry over time.

Since the Canadian Television Fund's inception, women have made up a large majority of the staff and CTF has the statistics to prove it.

The majority of staff has been women throughout CTF's history, averaging about 65% of staff. As the team grew, women continued to make up the majority of their staff population. CTF's leaders are also women. The CTF executive - President and CEO, Sandra Macdonald, and Senior Vice President, Louise Baillargeon, are both women. Within management, nine of 15 – or 60% - of Directors, Managers and Leads, are women. Five of seven in the Director Group – or 77% - are women. And the strong participation of women continues right up the Board level; the CTF board consists of nine women and nine men. The Board is chaired by a woman, Janet Yale. In terms of non-traditional roles for women, the Information Technology group, a function that is traditionally a male-dominated, is made up of two women.

Volunteer of the Year
Sue McGarvie, CEO Romance Communications, Ottawa

The CWC Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award was created to honour one person each year whose time, effort and commitment has helped to build Canadian Women in Communications or has contributed significantly to the association's success.

Sue led the Ottawa chapter through a period of strong growth and was instrumental in creating and managing highly successful events, including a comedy night that drew more than 500 people. Sue has regularly been a contender for the membership drive top prize and is a tireless booster of CWC. Now past chair of the Ottawa chapter, Sue has been involved in creating a thorough and inclusive process to select a representative from the local chapters to sit on the national CWC Board. Sue is also assisting on the national mentoring committee, in the organization of other national events and is currently working to develop on behalf of CWC a Career Accelerator program for entrepreneurs.

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