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Radio station accused of terror links

TORONTO - According to a story on the front page of today's National Post, The federal Cabinet will decide this week whether it will revoke a radio license granted this year by the CRTC to a Toronto company with alleged links to a South Asian terrorist group.

The owners of the license say an organized smear campaign is attempting to tie them to the World Tamil Group, an outfit reputed to be a fundraising front for the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan terrorist group. Radio station COO S. Sivakumaran told the Post he believes those writing letters to the government making the allegations are supporters of the companies which did not win the Toronto license for 101.3 FM.

On April 17th of this year, the CRTC approved an application "by 3885275 Canada Inc. "Canadian Multicultural Radio" (CMR) for a new ethnic FM radio station in Toronto at 101.3 MHz. The new station will direct its programming primarily to the Greater Toronto Area's South Asian communities and will provide programming to a minimum of 16 cultural groups in at least 22 languages during each broadcast week. At least 48% of all ethnic programs broadcast during each broadcast week will be in the Tamil, Hindi and Filipino languages," said the decision.

Click here for the original CRTC decision.

The new radio company won the license over eight other applicants for the frequency.

Click here to read the Post story.

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