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60th Anniversary


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A formerly Cool Joe

EDMONTON - What was COOL 880 (CHQT-AM) in Edmonton is now 880 JOE AM.

In what may signal the start of beating-a-trend-to-death, Corus Entertainment switched the format on Friday from light listening COOL to JOE, who's tagline is… "Playing anything we feel like." Hmmm, now where have we heard that before?

Joe is the fourth monosyllabic male name to be bestowed upon a Canadian radio station, joining the growing list of Bobs (from CHUM, in Winnipeg, London, Brockville and Ottawa), Jacks (Rogers, in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto) and Dave (Corus' other guy, in Cambridge).

Joe's a little different, however, in that while Dave, Bob and Jack play a lot of '80s tunes, he's concentrating on the 1970s - and he's AM - playing songs "in glorious mono," says the web site,

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