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CBC continues its money call

OTTAWA - Last week's response by the Federal government to "Our Cultural Sovereignty," the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage's report on the Canadian broadcasting system was lacking, says the CBC.

Issued in June, the report reaffirmed the continuing importance of public broadcasting, recommended increased, stable multi-year funding for CBC/Radio-Canada. The feds made no such announcement in its response.

"We are encouraged that in the government's response was a reaffirmation of the unique and essential nature of CBC/Radio-Canada, but we had hoped for more," said Carole Taylor, chair, CBC/Radio-Canada board of directors.

"We believe that now is the time to act, since the industry continues to undergo broad, rapid change and public broadcasting is more important than ever before. We will therefore continue to call for increased, stable multi-year funding and we hope the new government will implement the committee's recommendations with respect to CBC/Radio-Canada."

"We have said publicly that it is time for a new contract between CBC/Radio-Canada and Canadians," said Robert Rabinovitch, president and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada. "We have listened to Canadians and are moving forward in developing a fully-costed strategic plan to enhance our local and regional programming. This strategy will further build upon the fundamental and essential role that CBC/Radio-Canada continues to play in this country's broadcasting environment, while also making us even more accountable to Canadians."

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