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Trailer Park Boys picked up Stateside

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TORONTO - Julian, Ricky, Bubbles and the rest of the residents of the Sunnyvale trailer park are about to become a lot more famous.

Last week, U.S. cable channel BBC America announced it would carry Canadian series Trailer Park Boys and will begin showing season one in April to its 50 million subscribers.

The original Showcase channel show will start its fourth season on the Canadian specialty service in April, too. BBC America has gained a reputation as a contemporary place to be on the dial, showing such popular comedic fare like Coupling (the popular British version, not the disliked U.S. attempt) and The Office and is a natural outlet for the hilarious Trailer Park Boys and its cast of characters.

The show, which is produced in Halifax by Topsail Entertainment, was conceived by writer/director/producer Mike Clattenburg who grew up with two of the series stars John Paul Tremblay (Julian) and Rob Wells (Ricky). Topsail's Barrie Dunn is also writer/producer on the series and Topsail president Mike Volpe is executive producer.

Some in the cable industry might remember Clattenburg, as he got his start in TV with the former Halifax Cable, winning a 1993 Galaxi Award for his variety/comedy program That Damn Cable Show.

While Trailer Park Boys not the first original Showcase series to be picked up in the States, this one may have the largest marketing push behind it, Showcase senior vice-president programming Laura Michalchyshyn told www.broadcastermagazine.com. "It's going to be huge," she added. "It's marketing and promotion will make noise like no one has ever heard."

"This is a good news story for Canadian television."
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