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Summer 2004 BBM overview
by David Bray

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Advertising and Ratings
AS SUMMER DEPARTS, IT SEEMS things are heating up in anticipation of the November 1st CRTC hearings where the future of radio in Canada will be discussed. For now, let's grab whatever rays are left and attempt to shed a little light on the Summer BBM ratings figures released today.

Toronto: CHUM-FM slipped back a bit to 8% share from the spring, but that still puts them at the top of the heap. While always strong in terms of cume, 680 News also showed some impressive gains in terms of hours tuned jumping from a 4.2% to a 5.5% share of A12+.

Vancouver: A re-positioned Z95.3 posted some nice gains, moving from 6.1% to a 7.5% share of A12+ and a very respectable 9.1% share of females 25-54. Jack-FM remained strong with the critical 25-54 segment, delivering a 14.6% share of F25-54 (down from 15.9% in the spring) and a 17.9% share of M25-54 (up from 16.4%).

Winnipeg: After slipping somewhat in recent books, 99.9 BOB-FM posted some gains, bringing home 8.7% share of A12+ (up from 7.6%) and a 14.8% share of F25-54 (up from 10.9%). Power 97 was also looking good with 10% share of A12+ (up from 8.8%).
CJOB 68 maintained its market leader status with a 17.7% share (up from 17.3%)

Montreal: the prizes for most notable gains go to 105.7 Rythme FM with 10.6% of A12+ (up from 8.9%) and CITE Rock D�tente 10.8% share of A12+ (up from 9.3%).

Calgary: an impressive showing from Q107 moving to a 7.1% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 3.6%) and a 12.7% share of M25-54 (up from 5.7%). Also, some nice numbers for CJ92, Vibe 98.5 and Country 105.

Ottawa-Hull: In a hotly contested battle, the biggest increase went to CIMF Rock D�tente with an 8.7% share of A12+ (up from 7.3%)

In Edmonton, Power92 maintained its 11.4% share of hours tuned for A12+ and its #1 position, followed closely by 630 CHED (10.5% share of A12) and CISN Country (10.3% share of A12+).

More to come shortly with full charts from each of the above markets.

David Bray is senior vice-president of Hennessy & Bray Communications. Feel free to forward questions and inquiries: Phone: (416) 431-5792; fax: (416) 431-0168; e-mail: Web site:>

Calgary Summer 2004 BBM

Edmonton Summer 2004 BBM

Halifax Summer 2004 BBM

Montreal Summer 2004 BBM

Ottawa-Hull Summer 2004 BBM

Toronto Summer 2004 BBM

Vancouver Summer 2004 BBM

Winnipeg Summer 2004 BBM

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