CN Tower home to "The Interactive Living Room"

Toronto - Interactive Broadcast Development Group, IBDG, Inc. in partnership with the CN Tower is championing The Interactive Living Room, a flagship consumer-driven educational experience to launch at the CN Tower in the fall of 2001.

This is a cumulative effort to disseminate research and information on interactive broadband content in a visual, aural and hands-on environment. As such, The Interactive Living Room will emulate a living room of the future. Converging content will be output to numerous wireless and terrestrial receiving devices through two separate experiences.

The School Experience utilizes virtual reality, wireless devices and networking to create an interactive game experience for students, where they can interact with their classmates back at their school, while visiting the CN Tower. The second Interactive Living Room experience will feature a 3-D television version of the extreme sport of parachuting.

Through wireless devices and video gesture-control technology, two locations will be networked together to allow participants to capture their live video images and place them in a shared virtual 3-D world. From the CN Tower, visitors will interact with consumers in venues across the GTA learning the potential of the television experience. Beverley Milligan, president of IBDG, Inc. commented, "What is really exciting is to see partnerships flourish and develop into such an innovative and pioneering event in broadcasting history."

"In 2001, the CN Tower proudly celebrates a 25 year history as a critical telecommunications link for Toronto and North America. With this established history, the CN Tower is proud to support Ryerson and its IBDG partner in this exciting project as leaders in defining the future of communications and technology." said Bud Purves, CN Tower President and General Manager.

In 1995, IBDG, Inc. conceptualized and implemented the closed captioning sponsorship model for broadcasters in Canada, and has spent the past two years working with Ryerson University in the study of interactive content. IBDG Inc. has been involved in the creation of 13 prototypes that bridge emerging technology, content and business models. Its research and partnerships include CANARIE, IRAP and CITO among many others.

The Ontario government is proud to support this initiative through the Interactive Digital Media Fund, a strategic investment fund that enables the growth of digital content industries in Ontario through broad-based partnerships. The IDM Fund is a program of the Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology, which is dedicated to positioning Ontario as one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for innovation and invention.

The Interactive Living Room positions both IBDG, Inc. and the CN Tower as leaders in redefining the future of communications and interactive television programming.

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