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Promo clues could land fugitive-seeking listeners in trouble

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OTTAWA - Ottawa Police this week issued a terse press release warning citizens to be very careful trying to win a $25,000 prize from HOT 89.9 FM.

The Newcap station is running a contest giving clues to listeners about a single "fugitive" on the loose in Ottawa. The first listener to find the person will win the 25-large.

But, says the police release from Monday, "it would appear that today's 8 a.m. clue would have led some people to approach BRINKS employees." Part of the clue said the person was "near a bank on Bank", Street, that is.

Given that those employees are handling large sums of money and are armed, "it is strongly recommended never to approach the BRINKS trucks or employees," adds the release.

"The Police are recommending common sense in order to ensure the safety of the BRINKS employees as well as their own."

Given the minor flap caused by the promotion, 89.9 station management went on the air to explain that Brinks employees are not the fugitive and neither are any other emergency personnel. The fugitive is not, in fact, armed.
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