Global's new channels focus on Canadian programming

Toronto - Global Television has announced programming details related to the launch of its six new digital specialty channels which are slated to launch Friday, September 7, 2001.

The key element of the entire digital package is Global's indigenous programming strategy that will see more than 100 hours of new, original Canadian programming featured on the two confirmed category one channels, M (MenTV) and Mystery.

"We're launching our new services with fresh and original Canadian projects right from the start on our two category one channels, M (MenTV) and Mystery," said Doug Hoover, Senior Vice President of Programming and Promotions. "There's no question that we're taking a leadership role in the commissioning of new work as opposed to the content offerings of other digital services."

Global's new six-channel package, in addition to M (MenTV) and Mystery, includes DejaView, Lonestar, Fox Sportsworld Canada and Xtreme Sport. As the countdown to the September launch begins, Global Television is working with a number of independent production companies from across the country on a variety of projects. Elements include:

- M (MenTV)- tastes and trends in men's health, lifestyle and fashion, this is television with a shot of testosterone...

M-Style (26 episodes) - Produced by Pyramid Productions in Calgary, the weekly series focuses on men's fashion, relationships, sex and getting the most out of life. Hosts are Canadian standup comedian Scott Dumas, broadcast journalist Melanie Briggs, fashion consultant Amber Hill and sex therapist Hazel Knight. The series will also feature contributions from fitness instructor Grant McReynolds, Global's Inside Entertainment host Su Ling Goh, the 90-Second Gourmet Michael Noble and humourist Kevin Stobo. The series premieres Saturday, September 15.

Casino Life (26 episodes) - Produced by Pyman Video Productions in Mississauga, Ont., the half-hour gaming and betting series welcomes viewers into the "action zone," the heart of the world's great casinos, to learn how to beat the odds. Former casino dealer Barb DiGiulio hosts the series, which premieres Saturday, September 15.

Red Hot & Ready (65 episodes) - Produced by Ocean Entertainment in Halifax, the cooking show proves that real men don't eat quiche, they barbecue. The series also includes recipes and tips on how men can use their equipment for the best BBQ results.

Real Men (65 episodes) - Produced by Breakthrough Films in Toronto, this provocative, witty and irreverent look at the Canadian male offers a casual talk format on men's issues ranging from relationships and sex to sports and lifestyle.

Other projects currently in development include two new series set for 2002:

Sex: Operating Instructions (26 episodes) - Produced by Fairplay Productions in Montreal, the series takes a steamy yet cerebral look at relationships and sexuality.

Boys and Their Toys (26 episodes) - Produced by White Iron Productions in Calgary, the series spotlights leisure activities and products for men, from fishing, boating and cottage life to personal watercraft, hot tubs, cars and motorbikes.

Mystery - from spine-tingling thrillers to horror stories to police - drama, this is hard-boiled television

Movies of the Week: Six original MOW's based on the novels of Mary Higgins Clark are being produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

Great Detectives: Programming will include series based on the works of some of the most famous authors in the Mystery genre including Ruth Rendell, P.D. James and Agatha Christie, as well as familiar television detective series like The Saint with Roger Moore.

Several other projects produced by Canadian independent producers destined for the Mystery channel are under consideration and will be announced later in the season. Programming will also include classics such as Murder She Wrote, Adderly, Picket Fences, The Prisoner, and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys.

Essential programming elements of the other Global digital offerings include:

- DejaView - television classics for nostalgia buffs...

Barney Miller, Super Dave Osborne, Three's Company, Zorro, Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Taxi, Hogan's Heroes, Dragnet, The Saint and much more.

- Lonestar - from Clint Eastwood to John Wayne, the power of the Western genre endures

Bonanza, The Virginian, Rawhide, Wild Wild West, Marshall Dillon, Big Valley, Bordertown, Gold Trails & Ghost Towns and much more.

- Fox Sportsworld Canada - the entire world of international sporting news and events comes to Canada

Classic Cricket, English Premier League Soccer, Aussie Rules Football, Chilean, Dutch, German, Argentine and Mexican Soccer, Rugby, Sky Sports News and much more.

- Xtreme Sports - spectacular scenery, high-voltage events and a world-class, high-adrenaline TV sports entertainment

X-Team, Survival of the Fittest, Thai Kickboxing, High Five, Sportsmania,International Skateboarding Championships, International Surfing Championships, Sky Surfing, Snow Zone, Chill Factor, H20/Extreme Power and much more.

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