CTV gears up for launch of 7 new channels

Toronto - Seven new digital channels from CTV are gearing up for a Fall 2001 launch.

They are "WTSN," "NHL Network," "ESPN Classic Canada," "Animal Planet," "Discovery Civilization," "CTV Travel" and French-language service "RDS Info Sports." "WTSN," "Animal Planet," "Discovery Civilization," "CTV Travel,, "ESPN Classic Canada" will make their digital debuts on Friday, September 7. "NHL Network" will launch on Monday, October 1 to coincide with the beginning of the National Hockey League regular season, while "RDS Info Sports", Canada's only French-language sports news channel, is scheduled to launch on Thursday, October 25.

"In developing our digital strategy, we sought to develop the most attractive services that would serve the largest possible audiences," said Rick Brace, President of NetStar Communications Inc. "We drew on our competencies in our sports- and science-based specialty networks as well as the strength of CTV, Canada's No.1 television network, to create logical extensions in the digital environment."

The new channels will only be available to Canadians who have digital cable or satellite services, such as Bell ExpressVu.

"Our experience in creating Canada's most successful specialty network, TSN, has allowed us to develop a recipe for success to be applied to WTSN, ESPN Classic Canada, NHL Network, and RDS Info Sports," said Brace.

"Similarly, the standard set by Discovery Channel, consistently rated Canada's No.1 network for viewer satisfaction, has had strong resonance with Canadians. Animal Planet, one of the highest-rated and most successful specialty networks in the United States, along with Discovery Civilization and CTV Travel will all guarantee to add outstanding diversity to our strong family of digital channels."

Below is a brief description of each service:


Welcome to Animal Planet, where incredible creatures - from dogs and cats to lions and lemurs - interact with humans every day. It's wild and woolly, always fascinating and fun to watch. If you like animals, you're going to love Animal Planet. It's great family fare.


Now you're going places! Whether you're planning a business trip or dreaming of a fantastic holiday, let CTV Travel be your expert guide. Alluring tropical paradises, majestic mountains, fun-filled family resorts, exciting cities, charming villages and many other fabulous destinations await you throughout Canada and abroad with a distinctly Canadian point of view.


Visit a world of diverse cultures, exciting eras, grand cities and cherished monuments that have shaped course of life on earth. Discover how various cultures developed and learn what science detectives are finding out about how our ancestors lived and died. Embrace the wonder and beauty of it all on Discovery Civilization.


Entertaining and educational, ESPN Classic Canada will allow viewers to relive the world's greatest sports moments through encore broadcasts of classic sports events and legendary match-ups, documentaries, and other special presentations. Programming also includes sports movies as well as classic interviews with the world's most famous sports figures.


NHL Network fuels the passion of hockey-crazed viewers, taking them from rink to rink each night of the hockey season. Complete with comprehensive and breaking news, highlight packages, analysis, 'Insider' reports and arena-surfing action, the NHL Network is the ultimate stop on the dial for hockey


Scheduled to launch October 25, RDS Info Sports is the only French-language television network devoted exclusively to sports news. The new digital network will deliver up-to-date sporting news every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Info Sports will cover regional, national and international sports at the university, amateur and professional levels.


The world's first 24-hour sports network dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women in sports is WTSN. Its unique format offers sports fans the opportunity to enjoy events, competitions and championships that showcase the world's elite female athletes. Programming includes news and current affairs, documentaries, instruction, movies and magazine shows.

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