M5 pay TV channel now MFEST

Toronto - The Movie Network announced today it will transform its M5 multiplex pay TV movie channel on September 1st into MFEST, a "programmed environment for film festival movie lovers," it states in its press release.

MFEST is geared towards being The Movie Network's guide to a world of international film festivals and filmmakers, offering first time festival goers and seasoned film buffs thoughtful, passionate, and often surprising cinematic experiences. MFEST is eastern Canada's 24/7 pass to an eclectic array of art house, independent, shorts, documentaries, and engaging feature films.

"MFEST reflects our love of movies and compliments The Movie Network brand by providing film aficionados an environment to see films beyond the Hollywood Blockbuster, in the comfort of their own home," said Domenic Vivolo, executive vice-president, programming, marketing and sales for Astral Television's English Networks. "Its personality is to be daring and different, and as compelling as the individual visions of the films and filmmakers it features."

MFEST is programmed from The Movie Network's library of product. Every Saturday evening at 8, "Gala" screenings will take place for high profile films that have premiered at festival Galas around the world. "Sunshine," (starring Ralph Fiennes and Molly Parker) will be the Gala premier on September 1st.

Every Thursday, "First Take" will focus on the debut film of an up and coming director, and this month MFEST features Shirley Cheechoo's Bearwalker (a Sundance Festival presentation).

"Film Fest" Wednesdays is a place to see past festival favorites from a featured film festival, and this month past films from the Toronto International Film Festival will come to MFEST.

For more information visit www.themovienetwork.ca.

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