Shaw to carry Global digi-nets

Calgary - Shaw Communications Inc. yesterday reached an agreement to launch Global Television's six new digital channels in September 2001 on both Shaw's digital cable and its Star Choice satellite division.

The specialty services include Mystery, M (MenTV), Xtreme Sports, Fox Sports World Canada, Lonestar and DejaView.

More channel announcements are forthcoming, added company executives. "We are continuing to expand and enhance our digital channel offerings and we expect to announce our complete line-up of new digital services for this September, very shortly," said Peter Bissonnette, president of Shaw Communications Inc.

While Mystery and M are category one channels, the other four are category two. With a previous announcement saying that Shaw would launch seven channels from Alliance Atlantis, five of which are category twos - and with company likely to launch category two MSNBC (since it is a partner with Rogers Cable for that service) - that leaves room for about four more category two channels, according to the company. "We've said in the past we'd probably launch about 14 category twos in total," added Michael D'Avella senior vice president, planning. "We're still in discussions with some category twos."

No pricing or packaging plans have been finalized, added D'Avella.

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