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Half of Canadian adults not aware of satellite radio - Decima

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Satellite/Subscription Radio
OTTAWA - Many in the broadcasting community believe that satellite radio is the wave of the future, but a new Decima Poll shows that more than half of Canadian adults are not aware of the concept, and only one in five have heard that it might be offered in Canada.

Nevertheless, strong consumer adoption of satellite radio in the U.S. could well be replicated north of the border, according to Decima's Mario Mota, a noted expert in broadcasting and communications markets.

"The Canadian market could unfold in much the same way once Canadians learn more about the service and its benefits and features," says Mota, Vice-President, Broadcast/Media Research, Decima Research.

"When we described the concept in our survey, one in three people expressed an interest in subscribing. Given the economics of the business, that's a level of interest that could well translate into a formula for success."

In response to market and public policy developments, Decima placed a number of questions about satellite radio on its weekly national telephone omnibus (Decima teleVox). The results in a nutshell were:

� Between 1% and 2% report currently subscribing to a U.S.-based satellite radio service;
� 44% said they were aware of satellite radio;
� 20% were aware that the service might be made available in Canada;
� 33% expressed a level of interest in becoming subscribers to such a service.

"Breaking down our data shows that the most promising initial target market is among younger Canadians, just as is the case with many new technology-based services. Having said that, there is no reason to believe that satellite radio couldn't find broader acceptance and demand, if the service is affordable and easy to use," Mota notes.

The Decima Poll was conducted between November 3 and 7 through the Decima teleVox, a national omnibus telephone survey conducted weekly by Decima Research. Results of the survey are based on a sample of 1,015 adult Canadians and are accurate to within +/- 3.1%, 19 times out of 20.

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