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Guild certified at VisionTV

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TORONTO - The Canada Industrial Relations Board has given the Canadian Media Guild the legal right to represent employees at VisionTV and at One: the Mind, Body and Spirit Channel.

The Guild filed an application in July to represent 46 people at the broadcaster. Late last Tuesday the Board granted the Guild an interim certificate for approximately half that number. The Guild and VisionTV management are attempting to schedule a meeting; at that time the two sides will determine whether the remaining employees should be considered as unionized employees or management.

"I feel affirmed," says Michael Hutcheon, a program coordinator who worked on bringing the Guild to employees at the broadcaster. "It's been a long haul, but it's been worth it. The employees have always had VisionTV's best interests at heart, and we feel that collectively we can all make a difference and help both networks grow and prosper."

"We welcome everyone from VisionTV to the Guild family", says Lise Lareau, president of the Canadian Media Guild. "And we look forward to working constructively with VisionTV's management to fully discuss some of the salary and job classification issues that people are clearly so concerned about."

The Guild's newest members will now get to work choosing an executive to represent them, and will take the first steps towards negotiating a first collective agreement.

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