Microsoft/Chyron want broadcasters to get interactive

Redmond, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. and Chyron Corp. today announced the availability of Chyron Metaplayer, a software-based tool that helps broadcasters automatically manage and deliver interactive TV triggers to multiple channels. Metaplayer will be shown in action at the International Broadcasting Convention 2001, Sept. 14 through 18 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the Microsoft TV stand and the Chyron stand.

Similar to an HTML or Web site application, Metaplayer allows broadcasters to manage and maintain millions of hyperlinks instantaneously. Using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Metaplayer retrieves incoming interactive triggers from multiple sources and redirects them to various channels.

Broadcasters using Metaplayer can more efficiently manage ATVEF-based triggers for interactive shows running on multiple channels. By supporting ATVEF-based triggers, network operators can seamlessly create and deliver interactive TV content through the Microsoft TV platform.

"Microsoft and Chyron are working together to bring broadcasters the best set of tools to easily create, manage and deliver interactive TV content at low cost," said Paul Mitchell, senior director of content programs and standards for the Microsoft TV Group at Microsoft. "Metaplayer will help broadcasters organize all the interactive data coming through the system, providing one software application to manage hundreds and even thousands of interactive triggers automatically."

"Metaplayer is the first in a family of Chyron products designed to provide local and wide-area management of data assets within the broadcast, cable and satellite plant," said Bill Hendler, vice president of the Interactive Division at Chyron. "Because it uses the SOAP transport protocol, it's scalable and standards-based. Network operators will be able to manage as many interactive triggers as they can activate, across multiple channels. This is crucial to the emerging central casting environment."

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