Future appears bleak for Web music: survey

Consumers have not accepted purchasing and downloading music over the Web and are not likely to change with the new services being developed by the recording industry, according to a survey by research firm GartnerG2.

The survey of 4,000 adults on the Internet found that nearly 50 per cent of those polled listened to CDs on their personal computers, whereas just 25 per cent listen to music downloads from the Web on their PCs.

In the same GartnerG2 survey, it was reported that only 6 per cent of the same demographic purchased digital music downloads in the past three months.

"The percentage of Internet music buyers is not likely to increase with new Internet services being developed by the big five music companies unless they make their copyright protection systems more flexible to entice consumers," said GartnerG2 analyst P.J. McNealy in discussing the survey.

The report reflects a contrarian view to many other research reports projecting huge spikes in on-line music sales in coming years.

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