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MISSISSAUGA - The Canadian Satellite Users Association is pleased to announce that this year's Outstanding Service Award honoree is Roger Keay, recently retired from Rogers Communications. "Roger is being recognized for his contributions in the area of broadcasting technology. He has been a keen observer of the key trends in our industry and has shared that knowledge with his peers," said Harvey Rogers, Conference Committee Chair.

The award will be presented at the Awards Dinner during the Canadian Digital Broadcasting Summit being held in Toronto, February 1 and 2. The Summit, sponsored by the CSUA, is a key annual broadcasting industry event with speakers from across North America. This year's theme is the increasing personalization of broadcasting permitted by the deployment of digital technology. Included in the program is a youth panel put together by Much Music with a VJ session leader and an update from the 2005 CES.

The Conference has an extra value with the addition of a half-day Digital Asset Management seminar lead by IBM. "This seminar is vital for anyone responsible for their organization's broadcast content inventory," said Rogers.

Full details on the Conference and online registration can be found at www.csua.ca

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