CanWest MediaWorks to offer free daily magazine


TORONTO - CanWest MediaWorks is launching Canada's first daily magazine, a comprehensive online service, and a leading edge wireless portal.

This multi-platform brand is designed and built by representative members of the audience it targets - urban, intelligent, and fun 18-34 year-olds.

"Dose" will launch on April 4, 2005 with 320,000 magazines distributed
every weekday in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Including significant locally relevant content, this free publication will offer news and other relevant information that is concise while maintaining a clean design aesthetic.

The online presence at will be the most comprehensive free
interactive service in the country claims CanWest. Besides breaking news and in-depth coverage, will offer an unparalleled local search tool and a comprehensive, easy-to-use music channel.

Dose's wireless portal will be the first of its kind in Canada, offering users easy access to movie listings, contests, polls, images, ring tones, games and more.

Noah Godfrey is the Publisher of Dose. Godfrey, 27, a graduate of Harvard Business School, recently worked in corporate strategy at AOL Time Warner and as a media investment banker with Salomon Smith Barney. Godfrey has attracted a creative and unique management team at Dose, bringing with them experience from a wide range of media, including: Channel 4 TV and Time Out Magazine in the UK, MTV, AOL, Exclaim! Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, and Universal Pictures.

"Built by young Canadians, Dose is designed specifically to serve the
unique needs and enhance the lifestyle of this media-savvy demographic," said Noah Godfrey, Publisher of Dose.

"Through multiple touch points, Dose will provide information and
services from the perspective of our peers. We will empower our audience with ideas that will engage them in thought, conversation, and activity, all packaged in relevant formats that are free and convenient. Our objective is to make Dose a media brand by which our peers define themselves."

"Dose is yet another example of CanWest's commitment to provide consumers with news, information, and entertainment when, how, and where they want it," said Michael G. Williams, President, Publications, CanWest MediaWorks.

"To ensure that Dose reflects the attitudes and interests of its target
audience, we have entrusted its content, format and approach to a group of fun and clever young Canadians. This will be a revolution in Canadian media because they have created an integrated brand around the lifestyle of their peers," concluded Williams.

The daily magazine will be widely available, free of charge through select retail outlets and strategically located publication boxes.

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